Virtual Services Platform 9000
The Avaya Virtual Services Platform 9000 is designed for next-generation data centers and large campus core applications. It delivers industry-leading performance and scalability, with immediate support for high-density 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, while also supporting the emerging 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet standards.
The architecture helps ensure that network capacity can scale seamlessly in line with evolving performance requirements, without complex or expensive re-engineering.
The Virtual Services Platform 9000 is an ultra-reliable platform, helping to ensure uninterrupted business operations. The reduced management complexity and simplified network also helps to lower operating costs.
The Virtual Service Platform 9000 delivers ten I/O Module slots in a compact 14RU form-factor; one 7-foot rack can hold three VSP 9000 Chassis.
Virtual Services Platform 7000
Avaya addresses the pressing need for flexible, high-speed Ethernet connectivity, with a high-performance top-of-rack switch targeted at the data center. Our Virtual Services Platform 7000 provides cost-effective, 10GbE consolidation for existing core switch deployments and can deliver flexible connectivity options in the campus distribution layer.
The Virtual Services Platform 7000 provides versatility with a future-ready media dependent adapter slot and high-speed fabric interconnect sockets. The platform features a hardened physical architecture of dual, hot-swappable AC or DC power supplies and fan trays. Together, these components help ensure that this switch delivers always-on, high-performance networking.
Designed to preserve existing network investments, the Virtual Services Platform 7000 has a flexible architecture that can grow seamlessly, including uplink connections that can be upgraded without replacing the base unit.
Ethernet Routing Switch 8000 Series
The Ethernet Routing Switch 8000 Series is a broad collection of systems that deliver always-on networking and high-density Ethernet connectivity. Supporting hot-swappable modules, redundant fans, and power supplies, Ethernet Routing Switch 8000 Series systems are highly resilient individually. The systems are typically deployed in Switch Clusters to deliver true end-to-end reliability and always-on application access. Available in a wide range of models, these systems are specifically designed to address the critical enterprise requirements of reliability, efficiency, and scalability.
The Ethernet Routing Switch 8800 is a key component of the Avaya Virtual Enterprise Network Architecture, supporting full-featured network virtualization capabilities for campus cores and data center applications.
Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series
Designed for enterprise data center, wiring closet and small core applications, this versatile family of stackable Ethernet switches offers high levels of performance and a range of advanced capabilities. Features include an industry-leading resilient stacking capacity, advanced routing, QoS, convergence, and security capabilities. Support for Switch Clustering in small networks is also available.
The Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series includes the original 5500 models and the new 5600 models; all are fully Stack-compatible offering both excellent investment protection and a straightforward way to accessing the latest and greatest hardware. This product line features the Industry's leading resilient Stacking solution - Avaya's 'Stackable Chassis' - and can boast to be the only product to pass the Terabit barrier for Stacking capacity.
Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series

The Ethernet Routing Switch 4000 Series is designed for enterprise wiring closets and other network edge deployments.

This stackable chassis system delivers high performance, secure, and resilient Ethernet switching connectivity.

Choose from a range of models that support 10/100 and 10/100/1000 switching and routing, PoE, PoE+, and 10 GbE uplink options.

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